Critical Appraisal of Domestic Violence Act 2005 with Special Reference to Women Rights​​

Dr. Suja Nayar
Assistant Professor, GLS Law College, India.
Dr. Mayuri Pandya
Director, GLS Law College, India.

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

The paper aims at appraising the understanding of the concept of domestic violence linking it with the rights intrinsically attached with women. The researcher will divide the research paper into three sections. The first section would be the development and understanding of the concept of “Domestic Violence”. The section would highlight the various types of abuse: Physical, mental, sexual, verbal and emotional as well as economic abuse. Further the second section would focus on the Domestic Violence Act, 2005 of India and the critical analysis of the same keeping in view the current 20th century societal standards. The third and final section would focus on the development of the concept with the help of various judgements given by the highest court and an attempt to present a world opinion on the same. The paper is an attempt to analyse the varied situations and problems that women face in their household, which is generally considered as a protected place for every person whereas on the contrary the women have to face the highest level of abuse in the secured place which makes home a vulnerable place for them. The researcher aims to provide a clear picture on how women empowerment should first began with women being treated as a fellow human.

Keywords: Domestic Violence, Types of abuse, societal standards, abuse of women, Indian scenario, vulnerable women.