Critical Analysis on Sexual Harassment at Workplace of Women in India 

Saksham Chhabra
University Of Petroleum And Energy Studies, Dehradun, India

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

As we all know that our Indian society has been a male-dominated society for ages because of which power and strength are the two cores of the feminist theories when we talk on the topic of sexual harassment. We have seen that generally males when in power have taken undue advantage of the female subordinates. The study aims to analyze the situation what was in the past and what is the current situation. It has also been quite a trend that generally sexual harassment takes place when the men in the authority. The concept of sexual harassment arose in Vishakha and Bhawani Devi case on which extensive study has been done in this paper. The research paper is an analysis of the survey done for the collection of various kinds of data on the topic, relevant case laws, workplace ratio and how this whole harassment takes place. In relation, to the women supervisors as they are more likely to report harassing behaviors. Sexual harassment is that serves as power as a balance against the women in power which dominates due to their position and control rather than their sexual desire. Although the victims have tried to escape the embarrassment there have been landmark judgments that have shown how can one can defend their right against such a heinous act.

The researcher in this paper has tried to critically appraise all the evidence and facts on the topic to come out with a clear observation and what have been the landmark judgments in the past and how one gender oppresses the other in place of sexual desire. Finally, the current paper aims that the society understands the sensitiveness of the issue and take further steps to completely stop such kind of activities in society.

Keywords: Sexual harassment, Workplace, Women, Patriarchal Society.


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