Critical Analysis of the Role of a Company Secretary: An Indian Perspective

Charul Mishra
Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad, India

Volume III, Issue II, 2020

This Article explores the position and difficulties of working corporate secretaries in India. The significance of structures of the company and the involvement of the secretary as a leading officer in the management of the company by semi-structured interviews with the different Company Secretaries is essential in order to determine the reasons and skills necessary for the development of positions. The theoretical structure of this analysis is focused on amalgamation of previous study on company secretaries and discusses various important facets of the position of corporate secretary. The function is not a static definition, which is constantly evolving in a growing regulatory environment and Dynamics of the internal working of the company. The exploratory evidence shows that corporate secretaries are taking into account the extension of duties and the transition of positions from planner to strategic advisor. The role requires the professional proficiencies and skills of demonstrative intelligence, communication and confidence that are essential to preserving the function and freedom of the governing doors.  Dual-role corporate secretaries (i.e. those who merge legal counsel or chief financial officer functions) of non-profit and government-owned organisations are well conscious of the limitations of their roles. With respect to the same, the guidelines in this essay will provide a broad overview of how this should be achieved.

Keywords: Company Secretary, Role, Appointment, Duties, Rights.


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