Critical Analysis of Digital Signature Laws in India

Deeksha Singh
Invertis University, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India

Volume I, Issue IV, 2018

The online trading is growing broadly day by day, which makes safety the biggest concern while carrying out trading by electronic means. As many other operations can be done with digital environment and internet, operation that provides identity confirmation should also be added to the digital environment.

When data are transferred, the user should make sure that there are no alterations in the original data while transferring them from sender to receiver. And it has also become necessary to authenticate the users often to ensure safety and to avoid fraud. There are lot of divergent ways of online identification, in which digital signature is considered to be one of the powerful way of authentication. So, the online user use digital signature to authenticate the sender and to maintain the morality of the document sent.

In this paper, a study is carried out to identify the usage of digital signature and the view of people towards it in developed and developing countries and a survey is taken to support the theory.


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