Covid-19: China’s Move & Crumbling Existing World Order

Miss Neha Rajendra Dharme
Dr. Ambedkar College, Department of Law, Nagpur, India

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

Recent outbreak of covid19, its alarming level of spread & severity from the very origin of China in Wuhan, China’s response to control pandemic and its initial inactions, need some in depth analysis of situation from the very initial stage.  

Also, complex Geopolitical situation all across globe, competitive advantage one over other & changing scenarios seemingly threatened existing world order. This Geopolitical period is perhaps the most troubled since final decade of 20th century, which created more uncertainty for futuristic new World. One can predict adverse potential social impact, political impact, economic impact, through sober reflection & cost benefit analysis. It is de facto truth that world certainly going to change by whatever, parameters or diamensions one may take into consideration. Changing course of Polarization, Globalisation, Multilateralism will add more weight in situation. Social order has already been changing . Economic order will take time as it requires more Economic stability , Non volatility & Investor friendly Environment. Furthermore, alteration will occur as emerging signals are concerned . Capitalist USA-Socialistic China, Democratic USA-Communist China, their sphere of independence vis a vis interdependence, both are notable players in this 21st century. Fierce trade rivalry between them, major disagreements in context of present geopolitical events will have serious implication in International system. Both have capabilities, to change existing world order and create new one based on their parameters, their self interest and their priorities. Fear factor is that this will have serious ramifications on developed and developing Countries. Consequentely, China’s rising footholds in world is cause of concern. Its diplomatic outreach to consolidate its control is something astonishing. My research paper will serve the purpose, to understand this geopolitical event (covid19) in multidiamensional way and highlights the possibilities of changed World Order with ongoing Diplomacy.

Key terms –  Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, Geopolitics, Petropolitics, Multilateralism.


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