COVID-19: Bioterrorism

 Dr. Ch. Lakshmi
Asst.Professor, Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University,
Visakhapatnam, (A.P) ,India

Volume III, Issue II, 2020

In this technological era, though man-made many things which are highly compatible in all aspects for human life, conversely today’s scenario is completely reversed. The fast ever roaming lives of human beings have been clogged. Everyone is fighting with an invisible, unseen and hidden enemy (Biological Agents) from their four walls under lock down. Such Biological agents are organisms or toxins that can kill or incapacitate people, livestock and crops. A biological attack is the deliberate release of germs or other biological substances that can make human beings into severe ill health conditions. A biological attack may or may not be immediately obvious. In most cases local health care workers will report a pattern of unusual illness or there will be a wave of sick people seeking emergency medical attention. After the Second World War, in this technological era completely the entire world is being terrorised by this biological agent and has a severe impact on political, social, economic, religious and cultural rights of human individuals. This paper aims to examine bioterrorism and its impact on the society and to identify international law governing bioterrorism and provide suitable remedies.


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