Corrupt Practices in Relation to Elections in India

Priyanka Singh
Pursued LLM (Constitutional Law)
National Law University, Odisha

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

Corruption is the major challenge that denies the effectiveness of the institutions and the governments. Kofi Annan remarked, “Corruption hurts the poor inappropriately by diverting funds intended for development, undermining a government’s ability to provide basic services, feeding inequality and injustice, and discouraging foreign investment and aid.” Corrupt practices distract the very existence of electoral process. “Corrupt practice in any form is held as an incurable disease, a cause of many unfavorable problems which brings social and economic evils in the society and also damages the moral and ethical fibers of the civilization”.  Corrupt practice in India is the consequences of the nexus between the bureaucracy, criminals and politics. Through the medium of this research, researcher tends to highlight the corrupt practices adopted by the person contesting elections in India. The research is comprehensive narrative about the corrupt practices followed in relation to elections in India.


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