Corporate Crimes: It’s Meaning, Affect on Public, Punishment, Laws, It’s Nature and Its Types

Shubham Singh
University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, Uttrakhand, India.

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

It is very well understood fact that a large portion of our lives depends on the corporate players, be it our packaged and processed food, the water we drink or our day today requirements. Not only the corporate world fulfils our above mentioned requirements but also supports economy by the wealth generated and by also providing employment to the ones in need. But, as we know that with great power comes great responsibility. Just like the way in our society we owe responsibility towards other individuals to not to harm them and not to break the law, the corporate players also likewise owe a sense of responsibility towards the public who act as their customers and to abide by the law. Companies holding responsibility against the public means that they owe the duty not to harm their customers through their product and also not to break any law in terms of achieving large profit. But this is not the case always as there are some corporate players who have been famous for exploiting, looting and cheating their employees. As of now there are 5651 companies listed on BOMBAY STOCK EXCHANGE out of which 2750 companies have vanished after generating capitals and looting their investors, this is called mysterious disappearance which is one of the major reason for the havoc created now a days in corporate world. Through this paper of mine I will like to raise some light on the meaning, the affect, nature and types of corporate crimes and will like to generate an awareness towards corporate crimes which is very less in Indian public.


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