Corona Virus Fostering Competition in the Digital Grocery Sector​t

Siddhant Thakar
Founder & Editor at Legal Maxim, India

Volume III – Issue IV, 2020

The structure of the digital grocery space in India does not facilitate competition due to the pre-existing market structure, consumer preference and barriers to entry. The competition conditions prevalent in this market adversely affects the new entrants and would impact the consumers in the long run. In 2020, the Coronavirus outbreak has significantly impacted the digital grocery sector. This research paper aims to analyse the changes in the online grocery retail in the pre-Corona era vis a vis Corona era through the lens of Competition Law. Statistical tools and surveys will be used to measure the shifts in consumer preferences due to the pandemic. In furtherance, Qualitative and quantitative methods will be used to measure the impact of the pandemic on the market structure and barriers to entry. The changes in the factors mentioned above facilitate an overarching transformation of the competition conditions in the grocery e-retail market.


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