Copyright Issues in Cyberspace

Manu Mariyan Abraham
KLE Society’s Law College, Bangalore, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

The world of cyberspace exists only in computer memory, but its outreach is far. It has a life. Connecting with new people, reading, researching, listening to music, uploading data, watching videos accessing public documents, buying tickets, purchase and sell things, sending mail, downloading files are just the common known activities that a normal person would do on the internet every day. The future of copyright is unpredictable and it is obvious that our present day actions would affect it in several ways which calls for more caution and precision. Copyright is a very specific bundle of rights designed to foster creativity for the public interest, rather than granting to its holders exclusive control of their works. While new frontiers opens up, the law tends to slow down a bit and lag behind and then find an appropriate resolution in good time. This article deals with the very question that whether our legislations are equipped to cop up with the exponential growth of the cyberspace and the concerns that come with it.