Copyleft License: The Upcoming Authorship Laws in the Digital Era

 Sanjana Nayak AND Saniya Khanna

Symbiosis Law School, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

Intellectual Property is a valuable intangible asset for any business and thus, it is important to ensure its protection in the best possible way. Copyright is one of the types of Intellectual Property protection granted to a creator providing him with exclusive rights over his original artistic and literary creation. However, in this golden age of digital information, management of ever-growing information has caused the paradigm shift from Closed Access to Open Access which in turn is contributing to the extended facets of access policy and is believed to be adding strength and value to knowledge management which is one of most prioritized concerns of information sector. Any research result or information activity or pragmatic motion which is a product of knowledge process, basically propose to reach the every possible intend user. Transpired from the radical activism of free software movement which is responsible for bringing the programmers from all around the globe under one roof, against the backdrop of Internet, new technologies and the intangible properties, Copyleft is an agreement promoting free sharing of ideas and knowledge with an objective to encourage inventiveness.

This paper attempts to unfold the ideology behind the newfound Copyleft laws in the first segment, along with by a deep insight into the relevant provisions regarding Copyleft licenses in the next segment followed by a critical analysis of the said provisions and concluding remarks in the final segment.

Keywords: Copyleft, Copyright, Intellectual Property, Information, Law, Open Access.


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