Contemporary Reposition of Egalitarianisms into Totalitarianisms and its Reverberations

Teacher at HHS, IIT Campus, KHARAGPUR, India.

Volume III, Issue VI, 2020

Plodding but palpable and perilous decline of tangible liberal democracies and they being steadily swapped by authoritarian governments, in the veil of popularist and national liberals, is a deplorable but unpreventable state of affairs in this day and age. The predicaments in non-partisan egalitarianisms is often seen through the most prevalent prism is the concept of ‘populism’. The involvedness and heterogeneity of populism makes it problematic to generalize about its insinuations for democracy in contemporary period. Individuals have turn out to be ‘more cynical about the pre-eminence of democracy as a politically aware arrangement, less hopeful that anything they do might influence public policy, and more enthusiastic to express support for authoritarian alternatives’