Consumer Protection in Cyber Space

Ananya Kumar
LLM (Cyber Law)
Guru Gobind Singh Indraprasta University Delhi, India

Volume-1, Issue-2, 2018

The cyber or the virtual world is evolving tremendously since the past and is continuing, so is the faith of consumer in this complex atmosphere is becoming important question. The cyber world in now becoming a huge platform for trade and commerce (for selling and buying of goods and services). Ecommerce can be defined as this buying and selling of good and services over the internet. There is a dramatic advancement in the networking facilities all over the world, now the consumers are offered several advantages of competitive prices, various choices, easier delivery services etc. there are various lucrative great opportunities that are offered on the online platform (example e-banking and online payments). Thanks to this growth of internet for the competition and convenience of the consumer that they are able to enter easily into any commercial transaction sitting inside home.

There are concerns such as online identity theft, phishing, data privacy, salami attacks etc. and many times small but reoccurring problems such as product not delivered or the product does not confirm to the actual description are the usual affair. In such situations the buyer is often left without any remedy because of various loopholes in our laws that are concerned with these issues.

In a vast country like ours it is generally not that easy for our legislators to make laws protecting the rights of the consumer in e commerce or otherwise in the virtual world as it is apprehended that such a legislation may hinder the development of trade and commerce through the cyber platform due to hasty legislation.

This essay analyses the environment and tries to suggest how to accustom to the current situation and enforce fair practices, information disclosures, privacy and payment protection, consumer education and dispute resolution.


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