Conflict and War Unchanged Protections for a Persistently Changing World​

Anoushka Samyuktha and Rangarajan R
School of Law, Sastra Deemed University, India.

Volume III – Issue IV, 2020

War is one of the most dynamic concepts in the field of international law. Waging a war or any form of violent expression had been one of the possible outcomes of any difference of opinion between two nations. This system pre-existed from Roman times or even before that. A more humanitarian method of conflict resolution was looked upon as the aftermath of war was increasingly brutal due to the scientific advancement in the field of weapon development. Due to this arose the concept of a diplomatic settlement of conflicts and this created a huge change in the approach of resolving conflicts between nations. This brought in the idea of various laws and treaties governing the international dispute resolution. The authors, in this article, will be highlighting the International Humanitarian Laws and Agreements entered upon by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and its member countries to deal with the outbreak and outcomes of waging war, focusing mainly on the Geneva Conventions & its 70 years.


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