Comparative Study on the Rise of BIMSTEC With Reference to SAARC Functioning

Prabhat Kumar
The WB National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

In the recent past the failure of SAARC to foster cooperation in South Asia has opened up the horizon for search for some other alternative. Perhaps, BIMSTEC comes to the rescue for the regional players as most of the member states popularly favour BIMSTEC as a viable option. BIMSTEC is in the spotlight in the wake of being disregarded for 10 years, BIMSTEC is currently expected to perform at the level of an Association of Southeast Asian Nations or the European Union when it has a small amount of the assets of SAARC. BIMSTEC is ordered to extend local participation through nothing under 14 working gatherings, covering everything under the Bay of Bengal sun, including an organized commerce understanding, destitution easing, tourism, vitality and environmental change, and even counterterrorism and calamity administration. Whether BIMSTEC can fill the space created by SAARC and whether BIMSTEC can carry the burden of being a natural platform for South-Asia regionalism.