Comparative Study of Customer Expectations and Preference between Small Scale and Large Scale Web Streaming Services​g

Saee Gaikwad
St. Miras College for Girls, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

In the world of instant noodles, package delivery, booking a cab, ordering food when and where needed, the service industry really puts an effort to satisfy consumers’ needs and wants instantly.  As the entertainment industry continues to expand, competition between TV cable and online streaming services increases. The research tries to understand the consumers preferences in online video streaming services and changing scenario of TV cable and online video streaming market in India. A study is attempted on the customers’ preference and response towards the large and small scale web streaming service industry and factors affecting the consumer’s choice while choosing between TV cable and online streaming videos. Sample data was collected through an online survey questionnaire in India from 52 people. This paper has studied Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and TVFPLAY web streaming services. Particularly this paper aims to establish a conceptual understanding of customer response towards large and small scale web streaming industry affecting the TV cable industry. It also tries to understand a slow shift of audience’s focus from TV cable to web streaming services. 

Keywords – web streaming services, consumer preferences, Cable Television, online streaming, web search, online video streaming