Comparative Analysis of National Medical Commission and Medical Council of India: Special Emphasis on Reaction towards Structural Overhaul and Introduction of Bridge Course​​

Vimal Mahajan
LL.M (Constitutional law), Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, India.

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

Medical Council of India have been criticized severely in the past and reforms have been demanded univocally. The National Medical Commission (or NMC) have been replacement brought by government which have not just overhauled the existing structure but also introduced several new provisions like fixing of the percentage of fees, four autonomous boards, bridge course and common final year exam which have faced severe criticism from medical fraternity. The object of the study is to analyze and compare the working of National Medical Commission with Medical Council of India and to scrutinize provisions of the Act. The article will try to track the reasons for the downfall of the Medical Council of India and verify the fears and criticisms of the NMC Act levelled by the stake-holders and medical fraternity. Further the provisions introduced in the Act will able to attain the goals for which they are made. The Medical Council of India have been considered structurally opaque and have outlived its usefulness. Now question is whether commission will be able to reform the rustic and corrupt structure of medical profession or education along improving the health standards of the nation.

Keywords: National Medical Commission, Bridge Course, Community Health workers transparency, AAYUSH practitioner, NEXT exam.​