Communication Matrix

Email Communication Matrix

1.  All communication related to any Manuscript submitted to the International Journal of Law Management & Humanities must be made strictly via Email at The Standard Response time for Emails is 2 working days.

2. If the Email is not responded to within 2 working days from the time of the Email, the authors may raise a complaint at keeping in CC of the email.

3. If the complaint is not responded to within 2 working days from the time of the Complaint, the authors may raise an escalation at Gyan@vidhiaagaz.comThe standard response time for the escalation will be 48 hours from submission of Escalation (including working and non-working hours).

Kindly note that no support will be provided via or unless and until the Communication Matrix is not followed. The Communication Matrix help us to streamline the process and provide you with a smooth experience. As respected authors, we expect you to kindly follow the guidelines provided, and not jump the escalation matrix.

WhatsApp Communication Matrix

Only general Queries will be resolved via WhatsApp, available at the Official WhatsApp number +91 6268644112. No queries related to the specific Manuscript or complaints can be resolved on WhatsApp, and no documents submitted via WhatsApp will be considered. Furthermore, strict professionalism is expected from the Authors in WhatsApp Communications too.

The standard response time for WhatsApp Communications is 24 hours.

Phone Call Matrix

There will be no support provided on Call. The WhatsApp Number provided is strictly to be used for text communications, and any calls on the same are strictly prohibited. You may receive phone calls from our Editors in case any assistance is required, however, the editors will not be available to respond to your calls or resolve queries not related to their work profile.

All the authors are expected to follow the above communication matrix for a smooth experience. Any deviation from the above communication matrix may result in no response.