Circumstantial Evidence with Reference to a Famous Case 

Raisha Rout
REVA University, Bangalore, India

Volume III, Issue II, 2020

Analysing and the interpreting the famous case .This case has various points and matters to talk about and everybody’s point of view of commenting on a case can be different .This case has two major parties and different perspective from both the side .This case commentary module will focus on the famous Arushi Talwar case hereinafter named as Aruna and parents named as Dinesh couple. The commentary will raise several issues and comment on that particular subject. Focusing on the evidences and judicial proceedings on part of the parents and trying to throw light on the valid or invalid allegation’s raised on the dinesh couple. Validating the possible grounds for acquittal of the parents .And analysing whether The allegation‘s raised where correct or wrong .After having a study on the particular aspect of Circumstantial evidence and correlating it with That of the present case there are several questions that raised such as Whether a person can be made liable only on the grounds of circumstantial evidence? Whether without proper proof of sufficiency a person can be convicted? Whether without substantial evidence a person can be made liable? Whether case can be merely based on reasonable doubt?  Whether without establishing mensrea a person can be made liable? Aim is to answer all questions raised related to circumstantial evidence.


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