Child Rights: Its Various Measures and Mechanism in Indian Context 

Subhajit Bhattacharjee and Shubhajeet Shome
Assistant Professor, Department of Law, University of North Bengal, India.

Volume III, Issue V, 2020

That, every child deserves a peaceful and happy life, a child for his physical and mental development and to attain fulfilment of his personality needs a violent free, abuse – free, a proper socio – economic structure which caters to all the needs of a young mind. That, it is to be kept in mind that child abuse both physical and mental are a daily routine to be found among the vast majorities of our country. That, after independence of our country India, has made various provisions in its penal legislation to counter and contest every perpetrators of crime against child. It is to be mentioned that India is a signatory to the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF), a fundamental agency oversees the child rights related issues all over the world. That it is quite a ghastly statistics for our nation that India experiences a formidable amount of child right abuse all over the country. That, the rights of the child are abused by the perpetrators who belong to the various socio-economic backgrounds and its quite unfortunate that substantial amount of child abuse are done by persons who stands in a close fiduciary relation to the child. That, India being a functional democracy is trying to arrest the menace of child abuse by recognizing child rights and enforcing its legal machinery and building strong institutions for children.

Keywords – Child, Child Rights, Indian Penal Code, Fundamental Rights.