Changing Phase of Transgender: Accepting Alternative Gender 

Mitesh Ajmera
Manipal University Jaipur
Rajasthan, India

Volume III – Issue I, 2020

Transgender people in India are destitute of social and cultural partaking and there are numerous occurrences where they have been constrained right of entry to education, health care and public places leading to the destruction of the Constitutional surety of equivalence before the law and equal fortification of laws. It has also been perceived that this communal also façades discrimination in every single domain of their life and is treated as an outcast and untouchable. Furthermore, they are barely educated as they are not acknowledged by the social order and for that reason they not be given appropriate schooling. Even if they are registered in an educational association, they face provocation and are intimidated every day and are inquired to leave the school or because of such humiliations, they withdraw on their own. It is for the reason that they this that resort to begging and sex works. Hardly ever does a skilful individual from this communal developing into formal occupation due to the guiding principle of employing only from either one of the genders that are male or female. Even though if they sort out, they are mocked and not accepted and henceforth are forced to leave their occupations. They are enforced into sex work which puts them at the maximum risk of contracting HIV as they choose to unprotected sexual intercourse since they panic denunciation or they want to sustain their sexual category over and done with sex. Furthermore sexually communicated infections such as rectal gonorrhoea, syphilis, rectal Chlamydia, etc., supplement to the risk of HIV. To exhilarate their rights enforcement of “The Rights of Transgender Persons Bill, 2014” was like a rain on the desert. The objective of making this article is to fabricate a modest attempt to highlight the viability of The Rights of Transgender Persons Bill, 2014. The historic judgment by the Apex Court for their welfare holds out new hope. This paper critically examines the concept of transgender people’s empowerment and the gender equality venture taken up across the nation. Adoption of holistic approaches-Social and Economic Stability, Separate courts for their preparation, Skill development and Employment will not only do away with the problems of transgendered people but will also be en route to acceptance of alternative sexuality. Taking on acceptable practices of gender equality and empowerment of transgendered people from peculiar prosperous nations, egalitarian model, proper implementation of relevant policies will enhance the transgender community in years to come.


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