Changing Dimensions of Right to Privacy in India:

A Jurisprudential Aspect 

 Arpit Gupta
Hidayatullah National Law University, Chhattisgarh, India

Volume II, Issue I, 2018

Right to privacy is a right which has now been recognized as a fundamental right under the Indian Constitution by the Indian judiciary in a recent judgment. Right to privacy came to be an important issue after the Aadhaar controversy which dealt with the collection of intimate data of the citizens of India. This right has evolved over judicial history and it was until now that it was ignored. Activities infringing privacy have time and again been justified in the name of law maintenance. Article 21 provides for Right to life and liberty and it is not only the Indian Constitution that recognizes it, and it has also been the view of various jurists from Aristotle to Bentham who have discussed the concept of privacy of Individual in their philosophies.


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