Changing Consumer Trends in the Beer Industry and the Carlsberg Strategy to Differentiate and Disrupt the On-Trade Scene, Find Other High-Value Channels to Secure a Higher Revenue Growth

Hardik Agarwal
 Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, India
Navya Maheshwari
Indian Law Society (ILS) Law College Pune, India

Volume III, Issue II, 2020

Beer has always been more than just a drink. It has been an important drink in social settings, a medium over which people tend to bond together and share important moments with their friends, family, colleagues or even with a large crowd at a festival or a concert. With this importance that beer holds in social settings comes the important niche that beer brands have created for themselves as a part of the national culture and identity of a particular place. Although, beer started off as the go to drink for socializing, the beer market has seen a changing trend over the past few years. Consumers are increasingly moving towards premium liquor like cocktails or wine and there is another set of people who are lowering their alcohol consumption to move towards alcohol free or low alcohol options. Also, within the beer category, the regular beer customer is moving away from traditional lager beer and is moving towards craft and premium beer. This puts immense pressure on regular mainstream brewing companies like Carlsberg and has forced them to change their strategy in ways which prevents them from becoming obsolete in this emerging beer market which is more demanding than ever.


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