Challenges Faced by Poor Women

Aditya Singh
Amity Law School, Amity University, Noida, India.

Volume III, Issue V, 2020

The poverty is a state in which human being is not able to maintain basic resources required to maintain minimum level of lifestyle, the term lifestyle covers primary issues to human existence such as food, clothing, shelter, as well as byproducts/secondary issues which directly come from the primary issues such as: physical existence of a human being and mental health. On further bifurcation we understand that physical existence covers physical health, level of nutrition, level of hygiene, level of living conditions and mental health covers emotional, physiological, educational needs. India is a patriarchal society and hence the gender element makes it extremely difficult and harsh for such women who are crippled in this vicious circle of poverty to easily make a fulfilling life. Keeping this in mind the aim of this paper is to evaluate the real fundamental problems of poor women, we shall also discuss whether law has benefited and improved the lives of the poor women living in poverty. the life of a poor women is full of compromise and it extends even to the point where it negatively affects their physical as well as mental health more negatively in cycle of poverty, despite many legislations are present but the process of litigation is expensive and when the question of making ends meet dominates all other problems such women often suffer in silence. Poverty starts discrimination in discrimination when a poor women is just a girl child and in between somehow that girl child tranforms into a women with sight full of hopelessness, we shall discuss these aspects with respect to law and also discuss the impact of implementation of law with respect to women.