Case Study on Medical Negligence -Smt. Kakoli Ghosh Vs Omega Diagnostics and Ors.

Divya Shah
Symbol Law Firm.
 Sarthak Potdar
Pravin Gandhi College of Law, India.

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

Medical negligence has always been one of the serious issues in India. Our experiences tell us that Medical Community, one of the noblest professions, is not immune to negligence which at times results in death, deficiency in service provided, mental pain, agony, frustration and disappointment death or culminates into another misery. There are cases wherein most incompetent or under-educated doctors, on their volition, have made prey the innocent patients.  The magnitude of negligence or deliberate conduct of the medical professionals has repeatedly led to litigation.

The case study aims to analyze the concept of negligence in medical profession.


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