Can Identity Politics Translate into Notions of Gender Equality 

Keerthana R. Chelluri
Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad
Telangana, India

Volume II – Issue IV, 2019

Do we know our identity? Can we accept everyone’s identity regardless the existing prejudices? Can identity politics bring a sense of equality or will it break us into pieces of groups?.Through this short article , I want to explain the elementary concept of identity politics that has always been in the corner of roads of equality and justice and how has it changed the whole spectrum the fight for gender justice and equality .A lot of people have been staying in the closet and not come out from centuries due to fear , not of being judged but of being dead. In these times of extreme judgement and hatred , the movies, tv shows , books and every other source of mass communication has helped people to become more accepting and understanding about the different identities every human car-ry along with their personality and it is totally not justified to harm them for their mere identity . This article aims to create a sense of ease and acceptance for all those who have been quite judg-mental and prejudicial about the various identities of humans. It goes without saying that the whole concept of identity politics stands by the saying “live and let live” and we as mere humans should be more accepting and understanding if not then just mind our businesses and not create havoc and chaos because you don’t find the other human in lines of your understanding of identity. while movements still take and people yet again sacrifice their lives for the rights of their identity , it would make it easier for them if we as people support their decision to choose the path and make the world a euphoric state.


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