Can Copyright be Obtained over a Blog?​​

Priyanka Jeyakumar​
Government Law College, Madurai, India.

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

The prime object of this paper is to manifest a meticulous reply to the query ‘can copyright be obtained over a blog?!’ This paper reveals a clear picture about blogs and displays a comprehensive overview of Copyright under the purview of Indian Copyright Act of 1957. It also elucidates what all can add up and does not add up to infringement of Copyright, the forms of work which cannot be copyrighted in India, the term of Copyright protection in India, and also delineate about the registration process of Copyright. After sharing the deep knowledge about Copyright, it responds to the main query. Indubitably, blogs can also obtain Copyright protection which is also supported by The Indian Copyright Act of 1957.  Their work should also be protected from being illegally used by anyone as the creator put his utmost effort to bring out a creative work.