CAA: Turmoil in the Nation

Pushpdeep Kaur
Geeta Institute of Law, India

Volume III, Issue I, 2020

This essay contends insightfully the scenario of a major protest of 21st Century known as Anti-CAA Protest. The first couple of words talk about the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 (CAB) and will provide an overview to the reader regarding its introduction in the lower house of the Parliament with an intent to amend the Citizenship Amendment Act of 1955.

Also this will provide a deep insight into some important issues that caused this turmoil and resulted in fueling violence in India. Moreover, it elucidates stingingly the situations from both sides i.e. from the protester’s point of view and the government stance over the issue of CAA.

Most importantly, the aim is to put forward the Reality of this massive Anti-CAA Protest.

Thus, most of the protesters are still unaware about the facts and purpose of this Citizenship Amendment Act for which it has been passed and also must look out the legal position that applies to the grant of citizenship under the Indian Constitution.

Consequently, a deep understanding of the Constitution before pointing out anything is a crucial element. One must be awakened of the fact that these Acts cannot be resisted merely based on the emotional fronts of the public.

Thus, this piece of writing looks into an emerging issue and is trying to convey to the protesters the reality and sensibility behind this act and the objective for which it has come into picture must not Passover.


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