Book Review of the Novel – “Riot A Novel”  

Dikshi Arora
Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law
Punjab, India
Shivank Kumar
Symbiosis Law School, Noida
UttarPradesh, India

Volume II – Issue IV, 2019

A novel based on a riot in India which happened in 1989- about love-hate, religious fanaticism, cultural collision and ownership of history.

The questions that bounces in the mind of the readers are like why would someone want to murder such an idealistic, highly motivated American student who came to India for a noble cause of volunteering in womens health program ? Was it a xenophobic attack by the mob ? Was it a revenge by the locals on the district magistrate, Lakshman? Was that illegitimate affair had spun out of her control? Or was she one of the many innocent victims of a riot in that particular fateful year of 1989 between the two religions i.e hindus and muslims ?

The acclaimed author of best selling novels including The Great Indian Novel, The era of darkness, Why i am a Hindu? and many others, Tharoor has been a favourite of Indian readers throughout the decade. Masterfully experimenting with the narrative form he has chronicled the death mystery of Priscilla Hart through a dozen or more contradictory characters. The novel point out the issues which need to be addressed more seriously than they are right now. It touches upon the issues which are sensitive to both Hindu and Muslim communities and he also balances the viewpoints tactfully and is clever not to write in a manner as if he is taking side of one religion.


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