Blue Whale Challenge: A Technological Evil

 Sneha R. Iyer & Sarthak Kalra
(Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad, India)

Volume-1, Issue-1, 2018

The title of the paper is Blue Whale Challenge which deals with the recent game which has taken the lives of many people mainly teenagers. The paper starts with the evolution of the game, and how it has affected the human mind. The paper further analyses to what extent influential the game is. It also deals with the cases linked to Blue Whale Game in India. There are many cases where a lot of teenagers were rescued at the last stage of the game. This paper includes the cases of Blue Whale Game across the world. This paper not only focuses on the on studying the problems relating to Blue Whale game, but also other similar technical traps existing around the world. The aim of the study is to examine as to why such threats are being posed and how to curb them. The analysis part of the paper deals with how and why children are trapped into this virtual world. The paper finally concludes with a suggestive note which would protect the people as well as create a better and safe society to live in.

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