BASEL Norms & Surveillance Methods

Navdha Maheshwari and Saloni Suhalka
Narsee Moonjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai, India.

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

Banking activities put forth a convoluted web, requiring careful control and supervision for the economy’s health. Basel Accords I and II are endeavors at the global level so as to rejuvenate commercial banks and to overcome the shocks presumably to emanate owing to diversions in international markets. Furthermore, Basel III is conjointly in the offing momentarily and its application has commenced. Also, the propositions promulgated lately, called as ‘Basel IV’, comprehend updates in the manner banks forecast and work out their capital needs. As there exists no particular method to efficient corporate governance, the updated foundations of Basel Committee procure a scheme within which banks as well as supervisors should function. Between the years 1986 and 1995, approximately a third of the 3,234 savings as well as loan organizations in the US disrupted. This destructing chain of phenomenon made it expandingly evident that off- site surveillance was not at all enough to appropriately ascertain bank failure and therefore should not act as a backup for intermittent, periodic and timely on-site examinations. Therefore, this article portrays the exertion of Basel norms and Surveillance methods along with effective principles of good corporate governance and the ongoing situation of COVID-19.


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