Bail Bonds & It’s Provisions

Irshad Ahmad Dar
University Of Kashmir, Srinagar, India

Volume II, Issue I, 2019

With The main object of arrest and detention of the denounced individual is principally to verify his appearance at the time of trail and to guarantee that on the off chance that he is discovered blameworthy he should be available to get the sentence. If the presence at the trial reasonably guaranteed otherwise than by the arrest and detention, than it will be unjust and unfair to deprive the accused of his liberty during the pendency of the criminal proceedings against him. The provisions in regards to the arrival of the charged individual on safeguard are gone for guaranteeing the nearness of blamed at his preliminary however without irrationally and outlandishly meddling with his freedom. There is no definition of bail in this code, but yes the bailable offence and non bailable offence is defined under sec 2a[1].


[1]Geet Jain, Bail Bond,  Indian Legal Solution, (March 14, 2019, 10:00 AM)


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