Artificial Intelligence and its Impacts on Indian Employment​​

Bensha C Shaji and Angel Shaji
LLM Student, Christ Deemed to be University Bengaluru, India.

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

This paper conducts a detailed study on well emerging issues pertinent to unemployment due to the development of artificial intelligence and its effects in India. The author discusses about the developments recently happened in artificial intelligence, it’s advantages and future risks arising ascribed with it. In this article the author is further discussing about the issues and problems faced by the common people when they lose their employment opportunities and how it encompasses negative effects in our Indian economy as a developing country and proffers her opinion about the same. The role of laws, enactments, provisions and also its inefficiency during the time of implementation are pointed demonstrably after having a detailed study. Paper highlights the overview of the laws related to employment and how to curb the problems arising in the wake of unemployment and a downturn in job opportunities. The author will finally conclude the article by providing her own observation and suggestion to regulate the development of artificial intelligence without causing any adverse effects on the employment structure.

Keywords: Intelligence, Machine, Employment, Disruptive