Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on IP laws of India and USA

Gururaj D. Devarhubli
Gujarat National Law University (GNLU),  Gandhinagar
Gujarat , India

Volume I, Issue III, 2018

The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a complex issue and affects almost every sphere of modern world. The basic idea behind artificial intelligence was the concept of creating machines which can think and act like humans. The concept of AI has gained such momentum in the recent years that it has become a topic of discussion not only for the students but also for, academicians, lawyers and policy-makers.

With the topic being of so much relevance, it is bound to affect several laws once it is actually implemented. In light of the above development, the research in the research paper attempts to discuss:

  1. Overview of the AI technology
  2. Historical evolution and definition of AI
  3. The manner in which global AI revolution is taking place
  4. The patent eligibility jurisprudence involving AI technology and a comparative study concerning the patent
    eligibility of AI under United States Patent law and the Indian IP laws.
  5. The substantive requirements in light of judicial decisions on AI technology to be patent-eligible.
  6. The future ahead of AI by examining the potential for legal systems to adapt to technological change.


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