Aren’t Transgender Humans: A Deep Analysis India

Aditi Dhamdhere
Modern Law College, Pune University, Pune
Maharashtra, India

Volume II – Issue IV, 2019

The third gender better known as Transgender in India have existed in every culture, race, class and religion since, the inception of human life has been recorded and analyzed. But then why our society doesn’t consider them as humans? Why are they neglected by people? Just because they differ in some ways from all of us. If god has made them then who are we to neglect them. We should keep ourselves in their place and think to what all they have gone through and still are going and then think what the society do with them is correct ? Everyone comes into life for a purpose, not for their own but to fulfill purpose in some other’s life sometimes. Even transgender are humans like us and we must respect them and their feelings. After all, humanity is above all. But still it is sad to hear and see; we the people who are living in 21st century have all such disbelief which leads us to behave misappropriately with someone. Why we forget that we are also humans, we must know to care for others as well. Even transgender are humans but still they are shunned by family and society, they don’t have access to education and several other services, they don’t have their basic civil rights, which is against humanity. The change to this issue can only be bring back by the upcoming generation. We should make our people and society realize that transgender are also humans and we should behave with them as normally as we behave with those persons who are not transgender. Because each and every person in this universe is unique and an integral part of nature made by god. So, we must respect to this unique creation of god and make them as a part of our society too.


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