Are Strict Laws the Need of the Hour or Is Better Implementation of Existing Laws Enough

Sambhawi Sanghmitra
Chanakya National Law University
Bihar, India

Volume II – Issue VI, 2019

Crimes against women have been on a rise. In 2012 the Nirbhaya Rape Case shocked the collective conscience of the entire nation and yet the convicts haven’t been taken to the gallows on account of the legal recourses still available to them. And in 2019 yet again the Hyderabad Rape Case followed by the Unnao case of setting the rape victim on fire has generated furore over the need to improve the current position with respect to the crimes against women. Many think that strict laws for crimes against women can act as a deterrent whereas some feel that the effective implementation of the current laws can ameliorate the situation. This article exclusively deals with the question that whether strict laws are the need of the hour or better implementation of the existing laws is enough.


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