Are Laws Pertaining to Cyber Crimes in India Sufficient in the Current Scenario​​

Mukul Verma
Parul University, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

As the world moves toward digitalization more and more aspects of human life is getting associated with their digital presence. In recent times every aspect of human life leaves atleast some form of digital footprint. For example what a person does, what he or she consumes, where he or she lives, what are their prefences are all recorded in form of digital footprint. Moreover important information like bank details, personal information, medical records are also being increasingly stored online.

This have given rise to a new menace of cyber crime. Hackers increasingly target and steal this personal information of individuals and use them to do various things like blackmail, misuse of data etc. India is still a developing country in terms of digital presence but still cases of cyber crimes have become increasingly frequent. Indian authorities have implemented various laws and policies regarding that of cyber crimes.

This study was undertaken to analyze the effectiveness of this lawas and policies in the current scenario where Indian is poised to become one of the largest internet userbase in the world.

Keywords: Cyber Crime, Internet, Digital footprint, Cyberspace, Criminal Law, Law