Analysis of the Affects of Covid 19 Pandemic on Domestic Violence​​

Ramyata Dass
VIT School of Law, VIT University, Chennai, India.

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

Domestic violence does not confine itself to a single category of people. It extends to all the vulnerable groups. The current article is specific to one such vulnerable group i.e. Women. The surge of COVID 19 cases in the country worsened the already dreadful condition of women who were suffering from domestic violence. The quarantine had a negative impact on the business, economy and mental health of the people. Violence against women was regarded as an already serious problem in India. But the pandemic was seen to intensify the dreadful condition of women in households. Official reports indicate that one third of women between the age of 15-49 have experienced violence which is physical in nature and 1 in 10 women experience sexual violence. This is a grave violation of basic human rights. The current article attempts to understand the reason behind such awful effects especially during the pandemic. A study of legislation enacted in favour of women has been conducted. Further, a connection has been made to different countries to better scrutinize the affect and produce a comparative analysis. The report of WHO on the current topic is also looked into for a holistic understanding. The article also tries to suggest ways to improve the condition of women during such times.