An Epoch of Digital Activism

Kulkarni Apoorva Arun
MMM’s Shankarrao Chavan Law College, India

Volume III, Issue I, 2020

The progressive social changes through social media and internet is regarded as a new insight in understanding activism prevailing in 21st Century. In the last decade, the Republic of India has witnessed a series of protests and its close nexus of modus operandi through technological development. Presently, India has seen active growth of new social media platforms to express social concerns while it bridges the gap between traditional media and internet/digital media. Recent developments in communication trends has brought the youth of the nation into mass movements. Voluntary generated content has a dynamic effect, be it a positive or a negative impact in the society. In this modern era of technology, the social media has projected its power to gather people and to lead a digitally empowered movement with unity. Freedom given is awarded by the Constitution of India through Freedom of Speech and Expression which is enveloped with reasonable restriction.

Keywords: social media, protest, social movements, freedom of expression, social movements.


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