An Emphasis towards the undervalued aspects of Air Pollution

Tanmay Jain AND Chandrei Mitra
Raffles University, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

Air pollution in urban cities is always a problem in India, considering both the consequence of polluting industries for economy of the nation as well as political elements, for example, not prioritizing the very basic requirement of better environmental policies and non-existence of active participation from the public. Moreover, it influences the general wellbeing in India and has an ecological outcome on the aerosphere which is a important component for farming on which most of Indians depends. In any case, the Indian government has made a few implementations to control the same, as in case of resorting to a cleaner fuel, forming proper laws for decreasing the emissions, and taking all proper measures in providing information to the general public regarding the pollution and its consequences and regarding the restrictions which may help to provide a better standard of living to the people. The author has tried to highlight some of the recent instances in India related to air pollution and how the government has taken measures to resolve them.


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