An analytical study on women’s sexual and reproductive rights in India special reference to Jaisalmer, State of Rajasthan

Preeti Charan, (B.B.A.LL.B.)
Poonam Charan (B.A.LL.B.)

Volume-1, Issue-2, 2018

The human rights of women is relating to sexual and reproductive rights which include their right to have control over and their power to decide freely and responsibly on matters relating to their sexuality and reproducing of offspring’s. It must be without any type of coercion, discrimination, forcible act and violence. Sexual rights are those rights which are given to women where she must be able to take and give consent to decisions around their bodies and lives. Reproductive rights are those rights of women to decide whether to reproduce and not facing any type of obstacles in their reproductive health. The research paper examines women’s right to sexual and reproductive health especially to the district of jaisalmer in the state of Rajasthan. The people of jaisalmer district are under the perception of early marriages of a girl and the ultimate goal is to beget a child at a younger age. Though the mind and the body is not mature enough to have a better sexual life and carry a child without having proper knowledge, planning and facilities.

This research paper gives a bird eye view to identify the nature of rights that suits the need of women in jaisalmer by providing free medical facilities, free doctor consultancy and a proper mindset among the people of jaisalmer by organising nukkad natak, legal awareness camp by legal aid central distribution of pamphlets, establishment of NGO’s, sex education in schools describing about the rights relating to sexual and reproductive system. Moreover, there is a need for proper legal framework to address and recognize the promotion and protection of reproductive and sexual rights of women in the district of jaisalmer.


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