Aircraft Amendment Act 2020: A Legislative Comment​​

Amruth Anand
School of Law, Christ University, India.

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

The aircraft amendment bill, 2020 was passed on Sep 15, 2020 and notified in the gazette on the 20th September.  The bill heralds in changes in the regulatory framework in the aviation sector in India. The aircraft act of 1934 is the primary legislation that governs the Indian aviation sector and is the principal legislation for the enforcement of the Convention on International Civil Aviation, 1944. The 2020 amendment act brings in further changes to primarily strengthen the regulatory framework in the country, enhance the punishments for the offenses prescribed under the act among other changes. The present legislative comment attempts to contextualise the amendments made to the situations and challenges faced by the aviation industry. The author attempts to provide an analysis of the effects and necessary implications that these amendments are poised to have on the aviation sector in India. In conclusion, the author brings up the future that this amendment is to address and the situations that the amendment might have helped address