Abortion: Legal and Ethical Issues

Devina Sinha
Gitam School of Law, GITAM University, India.

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

The issue of woman’s right to abortion is a controversial factor because it not only includes the feminist theory but also should consider other factor which includes human rights, health law, women and children’s right. Here the debate starts with the death of the child which is the consequence of abortion. Whether it already carrying a “life” as a fetus when the woman has conceived or it’s just a piece of flesh is what still many research fails to explain. A mother who is yet to bring a new life into the world has her only right ahead than anyone else’s. It’s very important for a person to reach at a proper decision to either save a mother’s health first or save the child first. A child can be a blessing only when the mother is happily bringing him or her into the world.

Abortion Laws therefore seeks greater freedom for the women and it has been liberalized more for the sake of women so that never a woman is forced to give birth at the consequences of their health. It doesn’t mean women are free to practice their choice. The law is pertinent about its reasons and conditions on abortion. Due to this mandatory reporting procedure laid in MTP Act, many girls under the age of 18 choose to have illegal abortion as they know the fact that medical practitioners might to do so legally due to complications in the legal framework. This violates the women’s right over her body. This work aims to study the various legal issues and conflicts pertaining to women’s right to health and right of the unborn child.

Keywords: Mother, Fetus, Abortion, Heath, Right to life

DOI: http://doi.one/10.1732/IJLMH.25749