A Study on the Role of HR Managers in Handling a Diverse Workforce

Tarang Saraogi
NMIMS School of Law, India.

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

Purpose: The author in this paper aims to show the significant impact of a diverse workforce on the results of the company. The workplace is becoming increasingly more global.  Research has shown that diversity translates into a competitive advantage for companies who embrace it .  It also allows those companies to find and leverage untapped opportunities. However, due to the increase in diversified workforce in some or the other way, people are facing lot many problems at the workplace. The diversified workforce may experience less cooperation from some of their colleagues at work, but in order to achieve organization goals, it is imperative for the organization to be effective in terms of its functioning, HR managers have a critical part to play in this scenario, to manage effectively, bridge differences and use difference to one’s advantage. 

Research Implications: This paper provides a preliminary understanding of the role of HR managers in managing workforce diversity, its significance and scope. It also highlights ways how HR can manage the diversified workforce to bring quality results. Hence, future research should use alternative methods, to verify the findings and methods of the current research.

Originality/Value: The paper highlights the significance and importance of workforce diversity and the competitive advantage it brings to the company. Further it also lays down suggestions to enhance the workplace diversity in a company.

Keywords: Workforce diversity, competitive advantage, globalization, productivity, profit.