A Study on the Growing Importance of CRM Applications in Smartphones

Simone Fernandes
NMIMS, School of Law – Mumbai, India

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to understand what CRM is and to lay special emphasis on Mobile CRM. It deals with the benefits of using Mobile CRM since a study carried out by Innoppl Technologies said that 65% of sales representatives using mobile CRM have achieved their sales targets as compared to 22% of sales representatives using traditional CRM methods. This paper also deals with the implementation of mobile CRM by a few reputed companies globally.

Research Implication: This paper provides a preliminary understanding of the evolution of modern CRM which led to the establishment of Mobile CRM. It also highlights the need to opt for a more portable and customer centric approach towards CRM which is mobile CRM and not the use of the traditional desktops and computers for performing CRM activities.

Originality: This paper is completely original and has been written from scratch by the researcher with the knowledge and perspective obtained by reading various other research papers.

Keywords: CRM, Mobile CRM, customer satisfaction, loyalty.


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