A Study on Strategic Brand Repositioning

Vaidehi Joshi
NMIMS Kirit P Mehta School of Law, India.

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

Purpose: The purpose of the study is to understand the different dimensions of Strategic Brand Repositioning and how Consumer Relationship Management Strategies helps in effective brand repositioning. This study also helps in understanding the relationship between strategic brand repositioning and brand loyalty.

Research Implication: This research paper provides a preliminary understanding of brand repositioning. Different businesses use different positioning strategies to create a discrete reputation in the minds of the customers in order to increase its sales volume by seizing the market share from their rival products. Repositioning is one of those strategies which help in creating new associations, feelings and attitude in the minds of consumers. In order to achieve its long-term objectives, companies can reposition themselves in the market with the help of CRM Strategies. This with help in maintaining a large customer base resulting in loyalty towards the brand and achieving both vertical as well as horizontal growth.

Originality: The paper highlights the importance of Strategic Brand Repositioning and how it is related to Brand Loyalty. It is completely original and has been written from scratch by the researcher with the knowledge obtained by reading various other research papers, newspaper articles, journals etc.

Keywords: Brand Repositioning, Consumer Relationship Management, Brand Loyalty.