A Study on Marketing of Tele-Communication Services in Madurai City 

S. Shyamala Gowri
Assistant professor (Research scholar)
PM Thevar College Usilampatti, Madurai
TamilNadu, India

Volume II – Issue IV, 2019

The telecom industry is considered as having the highest potential for investment in India. Recognizing that the telecom sector is one of the prime movers of the economy, the government’s regulatory and policy initiatives have also been directed towards establishing a world-class telecommunication infrastructure in India. Recently, customers are focusing high quality services. The requirements and expectations of the customer are increasing very fast. There is also an increase in the expectations of the product and service in terms of confirming to certain standards, reliability, dependability, durability, performance, features, appearance, safety and user-friendliness. This study has been undertaken by the researcher to examine the behavioural profile of users of this service taking into consideration the socio economic characteristics and the market policies and practices of the services providers.


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