A Study on Corporate Crime in India

D. Silviya Dixina and S. Indrapriya
Saveetha School of Law, Saveetha University, Chennai.
Tamilnadu, India

Volume II, Issue I, 2019

Corporate Crime is also known as Organisational or Occupational crimes, in White collar crimes. Corporate as a separate legal entity differ from natural person its crime committed by the Corporation and they are liable and guilty for the act. An employee of the corporation held liable for the crime committed? In the preview of the question, under the concept of vicarious liability Corporation held liable and not the employee. Corporations have currently became an integral a part of our society, and with development of firms they need become vital actor in our economy, our society runs within the risk of obtaining exploited by these corporation, and so they must be deterred too. The problem of company crime is exclusive and complicated attributable to many reasons, the first one being the character of company form. The extension of the vicarious liability to offences of mens rea led to the event of company criminal liability. The present paper discuss about the History, nature and type of corporate crime, Liabilities, Doctrine, developing on capital Markets.


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