A Study on Constructive Notices – Criticisms

Mohammed Farhan C and Simran Afza Munsur
St. Joseph’s College of Law, India.

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

A Constructive Notice is a tool which is employed by various bodies in order to reach out to various sections of the people by officially notifying them of a particular action. There are sections in the newspaper which may read ‘notification’ or ‘legal notice’ or terminologies of the similar sort put out by the Legislative, Executive or the Judicial Bodies. Such notifications are said to be constructive notices and it is deemed that the person concerned is notified although it may not actually come to the knowledge of such person. This Essay deals with the Criticisms of such notices put forth by different bodies and also gives certain suggestions which the Supreme Court can manoeuvre.

Keyword – Constructive Notice, Actual Notice


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