A Sanctioned Living: Life of a Refugee

Prachi Choudhary
GSOL, GITAM, Visakhapatnam, (A.P.)

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

A living being’s basic requirement for a humane life is ascertainment of human rights providing safety and a dignified life. In the absence of any of these elemental components, the living life becomes a bane. Throughout the history, the refugee crisis has been an ever-present critical point of humanitarian welfare. With the ravages of time, the problem of humanitarian aid has come under visible crisis. With the distinguishable change in needs of the time, variable challenges have arrived owing to the changes in the factors causing it in the first place. Protracted wars, conflicts have been of the primeval causes of it, but the change in climate and environment have been the triggering factors in recent times to have caused great exodus. Focusing on the root causes of the refugee crisis, the underlying effects and offsetting the triggers in the places of origin can be ways of diminishing it. Creating peace building strategies amongst the countries and conflicting communities to mitigate uneventful mishaps from initiating and creating contingency plans in sensitive situations and areas. Creating a strong communal bond amongst the host community and refugees to help them blend in and bring in a feeling of belongingness. Taking responsibility and burden sharing by the developed countries is the way out in neutralizing the overexploited resources of the developing countries. It is the sensitization on a humane level that needs to be done to regulate and promote increased solidarity and a sustainable approach towards this international crisis.


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